Loss advice

From: Matt

Past experiences

I can't get rid of my past fears of bullies being hurt im bound to a wheel chair it's hard I hate it I hate my self but I met god he helped me get though everything I love your music it reminds me that I don't have to be alone anymore I have family but I'm still hurting with my past y help me please


It can be hard to get over fears, and to leave the past behind. I am glad that you met God even though it was through unfortunate hard circumstances. Ask God to help you remember he is close by and to change your perspective about the past. He is listening and He hears and sees you so clearly. He wants all the happiness and good things in the world for you. Pray for peace and comfort to overcome those fears. I've realized more and more when we address our fears with TRUTH, it sheds a light to the dark things we put in our mind. Remind yourself of who you are and how loved you are! God will comfort you and be there through every step. Make a list of all the things that are true, so when you feel down or start to believe the lies in your head you can look to what are facts. I'm also happy my music reminds you you're not alone too. <3

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