Abuse advice

From: N5C6O2E

Self Destructive Behavior

If I see someone doing something that could seriously harm them, but they told me not to tell, what should I do? Should I tell someone or should I keep it a secret like they've asked me to?


This is a hard situation to be in. Because you care about this person, the very reason that you care, would be why you would tell someone. You need to find an adult you trust that can help the person you know. Caring nore about the person's well being is more important than keeping secrets. You may lose this person's friendship, but isn't that better than losing the person? You risk losing the relatiosship which is important to you, but "telling" in this situation is not breaking a confidence, you are protecting someone you care about.To me,this is what friends are for. Hopefully, in the end, they will thank you later for intervening. I hope someone would do that for me if they saw me on a destructive path,

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