Tiffany Alvord is an online social media star. Tiffany amassed a worldwide fan base after starting her YouTube channel as a 15-year old in 2008. (http:// www.YouTube.com/TiffanyAlvord) Tiffany has hundreds and millions of followers online.

Tiffany is a singer-songwriter. She has released three albums and toured worldwide. What Tiffany loves most about her career is meeting and interacting with her fans.

This column was started by Tiffany in 2014 in response to the daily questions and requests for advice from her fans. To differentiate her role as a friend who gives advice from being an artist, Tiffany decided to use the title “Ask Anny” for her column.

Tiffany is grounded with a strong foundation in morals and good will and an old- fashioned sense of right and wrong. Tiffany credit’s her faith and upbringing for helping her to be disciplined, honest, and trustworthy. Tiffany is not a therapist. Tiffany is not a professional counselor. Tiffany has no college training in psychology. Tiffany is just a friend with a big and loving heart that will listen and respond from her point of view on the situation. Tiffany’s advice is simply her personal opinion and assessment of a situation. Tiffany wants to answer questions and give advice to her fans in a more structured way than a conversation on twitter or an email response. Tiffany hopes her column will be a source of help and inspiration to others. Tiffany cares. Life isn’t easy. Tiffany knows that having support and someone to turn to is key in times of doubt, hardship and problems.

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